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i have had i little think about mice problems. A couple of months ago i went out side at night to look for something in the car and as i walked to the car i went to check on my birds i heard some strange noises at the food hanging on the wire, when i got over there 6 mice ran out. So the next day i hung the food on the outside wire of the avarie and put a mouse trap in there well its kind of like a mouse trap that they climb into and can't climb back out. And i cought 3 mice so from now on every night i put there food away. just wondering can mice breen under the grownd if my floor is stones?



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Mice do breed in the ground in soil in tunnels and most likely are under your slabs. They can get through 12mm by 12mm wire mesh and they can contaminate the food and water supply and makes birds sick and die.

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