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Bird picture's

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I layed sand in one of the aviaries today so some the birds were moved into a small cage for 10 minutes.

I took some photos.



































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Gorgeous birds! Love the pictures :D A few i'd like to have in there :P

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Might have to come and steal a couple of those spangles :P

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Very Nice birds. VERY NICE ....




This hen has staining above her cere .. might be an idea to keep a eye on that one - I love all the pieds you got :lol:


good score!!

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That bird is a cock with internal problems. He has been taken to the vet and I've put him on a few different things, none have worked. It was suggested I use chamomile tea so he is currently on that for 2 weeks.

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he may no be long for this world. His cere indicates he is hen for all intents and purposes. Good on you for trying different things

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He is around 9 years old now. He was my first ever budgie and he was three years old when I bought him 6 years ago. He is also overweight so I went and bought a really big cage for him to excersise in. So far he has lost not too much. I bought finch seed for him as I was told it is less fatty.

Can anyone suggest anything I can try for respiratory infections?

Thanks Dave.

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