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Its been over a year I think since I posted on this board. I ended up euthanising most of the budgies as they were sick, with French moult. Could not sell them at the risk of passing on disease and could not keep them either. I hope to get back into it one day when I have more time/money. Been working full time for the past year which is good. I think budgie breeding was not successful for me because I had very little money, and not much time. One day I will start again though.

I have been on the forum the past week and am going to stay on, its really interesting.

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welcome back

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Pearce, it's good to see you. :) I've been wondering what happened to you. Sorry to hear about the loss of most of your budgies. :( Right now I am worried about French molt in my own flock, but am at the stage of waiting to see if that's really what I have. I hope not.


I hope you are able to get back into budgies again soon. :)

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