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I noticed today that Baby is missing quite a few feathers around her vent, reaching up towards between her feet. The skin doesn't look inflamed or irritated really. Just featherless. Her vent is nice and clean too. The whole area is completely featherless.


What could this be from? Cupid's recent fun with her? I hope to god she's not thinking of laying eggs now! Though, having Baby's babies would be one of the coolest things I could think of, aside from what it would do to her poor old body. *shudders*


What should we do to help her? She seems fine in all other aspects. Just monitor the loss and do supportive care as necessary if other things go downhill? How do we tell if she's pulling them out herself (which I know is rare in budgies), or if they're falling out on their own? Oooh - bloody quills... Nope the feathers themselves look like they're from a normal molt.


How do we know if she's getting ready to lay? Is there anything we can do at this point to discourage her? What should we do? What could this feather loss mean?

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What do her poops look like? Is she and cupid still at it? or was more a one off thing? Some hens will remove feathers around the vent area when mating/breeding.

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When I caught them at it several days ago, I took her out of their cage almost immediately and she hasn't spent a lot of time with them since. I can't say for certain that was the last time, but probably it was. Maybe it was even a week ago. I kinda had a weird reaction to it, like I'm sure what some parents feel like when they find out their kids are having sex. *(Laughing out loud)*


Her poops are relatively normal, maybe slightly larger than usual. She's been tail bobbing more than usual. Its something she does almost constantly to some degree or another. We kind of figure it like an old lady shaking. And she has seemed a little shakier than usual as well, and a little fluffed up too. However, it has been cooler than usual, and maybe her extra bobbing and fluffiness is due to being a tad chilly.


I'm not sure how to keep her any warmer, she has a double-thick big fuzzy blanket over the top and three sides of her little hospital cage with a heater in the front of it.


I wish I could remember the last time I cleaned her cage. It was within the last week or so, so the feathers have come out since then, but whether it was while her and Cupid were having their fun, I wouldn't be able to recall. Today was the first day I noticed the feather loss, but technically it could have happened any time after the cleaning.

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