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  1. Hello all

    My budgie, Charlotte, has gotten so fat she can't even fly properly. When she comes out, she normally just sits in top of the cage and chills. If she decides she wants to fly, she'll fly up in the air and fly into any nearby obstacle (window, radiator, mirror, wall). I'm afraid at some stage she might injure herself doing this. Can anybody help?

  2. I noticed that she eats a lot of paint of her cage. I hardly imagine it's good for her. Is there any way I could make her stop eating it all together? She's also still very fat, what type of fruit and veg would budgies eat?

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

  3. Hello all!

    I got two budgies - Jerry and Charlotte. Jerry is 7, Charlotte is 1. Yes there is a huge age difference! I just want to know if Charlotte is actually pregnant and for any tips for them. They get along good enough. I'm not sure if they mated yet, but I can see a little bulge in Charlotte's belly. I got a nest box for her, but she's terrified of it.

    Thanks in advance!