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  1. The reason I said both green so you could tell the blue one behind wasn't the pair and she has a feeling the mother may have been with another male too. I believe she has an Albino in there. Also thankyou all for the help, I know myself I'm still learning and its great to get help from people that have more knowledge
  2. the brown can be seen on the first 2 photos I posted at the top and will get my cousin to send me photos of the parents These are the mother- normal green and dad- english green and theses are the 4 other babies from the same clutch
  3. Hi this is one of my cousins new babies, she has 4 with this coloration on them an have no idea what mutation it is and if its rare or a common thing as she would like to continue the line if she can so if anyone has any ideas on what it is please let me know and thankyou in advance for your help.