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About Me



My name is Kassidy. I currently have three budgies, two cocks and one hen. Their names are Kasper, Froot Loop and Koko.


I don't have much to say about myself, so I'll just stick to my budgies...


Koko - Normal Green - Female - ??/??/2004 :lol:


Koko was the first bird my family ever owned, and she is still living after 6+ years. She belongs to my older sister. She's semi-tame and loves to chew everything to shreds! She also has had a history of egg-binding, but thankfully she pulled through and now I am extra careful to give her enough calcium and to prevent her from laying again. She especially loves her mist baths now, which I'm glad about because her feathers are looking much more healthier now.


Kasper - Normal Cobalt - Male - ??/6/2009 :wub:


Kasper is my very sweet little budgie, and he is the tamest of the three of them. He likes to sing to the sounds of my little aquarium, and try to get Koko's attention. Lately, he has been extra kind to Froot Loop and they seem to be best buds now, so I'm really glad that they decided to do so.


Froot Loop - Goldenface Opaline Cobalt - Male - 20/7/2010 ^_^


Froot Loop is our newest addition to our flock. He belongs to my younger sister. He is so cute, and loves to sing along with Kasper. So far, he is completely scared of my hands, but still likes to be blown on because he is going through his baby moult.


I hope I didn't bore you, but thanks for reading! :blush:


- Kassidy