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  3. Hi all, I had 2 budgies both bought as 6 weeks old babys about 5 years ago and unfortunately one passed away about 2 weeks ago. so i went and picked up 2 new baby budgies with my kids last weekend i messed up and didnt follow quarantine procedure at all. yet to late for that now. i have only just noticed today one of the new birds seems to have an issue with her feet. It may have been there the entire time ive had them i just hadnt noticed. she uses them fine. doesnt seem to affect her at all. yet one foot is missing a claw all together and the other has one that appears injured or stumped. and also has a similar build up on the back of its leg. ive looked up images of bumble feet and it doesn't seem the same and apart from the areas in the photos the rest of the feet look normal from what i can see. does anyone have ideas as to what it could be. if its serious and what to do? regards
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  5. The only time I have ever heard a success story with Lovebirds and budgies is when both were separated from their parents and hand raised together. Everything else has been horror stories of love bird mutilating budgies.
  6. I have the exact same issue with Myna birds and had put out a rubber snake to scare them away, which worked for about 2 days. One day while I was rotating my rubber snakes there was a massive wedge tailed eagle perching in a tree watching the birds. I had a heart attack as I have a small dog outside who does a good job at scaring away the birds who attack but I knew this bird could kill her easily. When it saw me it freaked out, swopped down and took my rubber snake!!!! I don't put them out anymore because I don't want him to come out incase. Pretty amazing though! I have lined my aviary with breathable fly netting which you can get for a pretty good price at bunnings; It is made of tiny wires so it takes a while for a Myner bird to peck it's way through and by the time it tries to do that my lovely dog would have scared it away. I totally recommend doing this as one of my budgies was grabbed and died after a heart attack :( since doing this I haven't had any issues like that with the birds, except for when they pretend to swoop which gives them a little scare, once again nothing serious and they eventually get used to. Hope this was helpful :)
  7. What a Cutie! The red eyes and the colour of the yellow makes me believe she's a lutino with cinnamon wings. Some people will pay extra for lutinos as they like the colouring, but that's just the same for a lot of colour variations.
  8. Ah! If he has red eyes, then it means that he's albino! I've never seen one in real life!
  9. I have a white male budgie. Are they very common?
  10. So I've had her for almost two months and I've noticed that the past few days her feathers have been very sparse around her nose and a bit around her eyes. I don't know whether I should be worried or if this is normal. Is it molting? Is she sick? Is it because she's naturally ready to breed? Someone please help! I've never owned a bird before and I'm worried there's something wrong. She's acting fine and eating fine, so I don't know if this is normal or not.
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  12. I have a male and a female budgie, they have a nesting box but the female has pushed up to 9 eggs at once out of her nest, prior to this she pushed out two eggs. The male goes into the nesting box from time to time and they stay in the box together, he will come out for a feed and return to the nest. After pushing out the nine eggs she is back in the nest and been sitting but I can’t see her, she is sitting very low in the nest. Is there anything I can do? I wondered whether she is throwing them out because they maybe unfertilized eggs. Can you please help me cos I’m pretty keen to see some babies!!
  13. I’ve had this happen several times. It’s common when hand rearing chicks (without parent assistance). It’s usually because the feeder is not matching the pace at which the chick swallows food. This is an easy blunder to make. Don’t be alarmed by it. Also, there’s no need to express the air from the crop. Surprising as it sounds, the chick will correct the problem with its own flatulence. ...yes, that’s right. The chick will just have gas until it’s successful farted away all that excess air. You may notice some soft popping sounds, that are eerily similar to the sounds a chick makes when it is aspirating. It’s unsettling at first, but that’s the same sound chicks make when they’re farting. If you have doubt about whether a chick has gas, or is aspirating, just look for these particular signs : 1- Is the chick spasming into a weird L shaped yoga position, then curling up into the fetal position, only to spasm again repeatedly? If yes, your chick is aspirating. 2- Is your chick desperately gasping for air, in at irregular intervals, with a wide open mouth that resembles a koi fish feeding at the surface in a frenzy? If yes, your chick is aspirating. 3- Is your chick sleeping peacefully, while breathing at a normal rate, all while little popping sounds occur simultaneously with frequent puckering of the chicks vent? If so, your chick has gas. It’s fine. Just pretend your chick is actually a drunk friend, and let the chick sleep it off. Attempting to force air out of the chicks crop, may result in the chick’s crop bursting like a balloon. It can also potentially do damage to the crops sphincter. Hope this was helpful!
  14. Hi there, there has been a change in my budgies cere and I was wondering if anyone has any idea about what could be happening?
  15. I agree that this triple c is a good product. I gave to my bird when they were sick and it work well. But, I wondering if it can be use during the breeding process since my birds already laid some eggs...
  16. My budgie flew into my bathroom unexpectedly and landed on the floor. Then he ran to a tiny nook under the corner of a cabinet under the sink and he hasn’t come out for a long time now. The big problem is, he isn’t that tame yet so it’s harder for me to save him...I can’t see him at all. It seems he is moving around freely and is confined to a narrow space between the cabinet and the wall. Someone please help me...It’s been 2 hours and he still hasn’t come out...
  17. Hi all, For sometime now I have had a female budge of mine creating nests in the soil under objects (trees/water tray) in the aviary, despite many breeding boxes being available. Prior to this behaviour she had raised 6 chicks (across 2 clutches) successfully in the breeding boxes. She has attempted multiple times to lay eggs in this nest on the ground and out of about 20 eggs she has had 2 chicks survive surprisingly. Anyhow, other females in the aviary are now copying this behaviour and nesting in the ground. Is this a normal behaviour or has anyone at least ever had their budgies do this? If not why might they be doing this? Thank, Amelia!
  18. The only thing I can think of is that Daffi might be sick. When birds are ill, they tend to go into a shell of sorts and just aren't the same as they were before. I'd fully recommend going to a vet and asking them. Oh, and take away the mirror if you haven't already. Mirrors are actually really bad for birds and I would not recommend them in the slightest.
  19. I saw my budgies mate about 10 days ago but don't have eggs. I read that it should take a week to get an egg but i'm unsure if this is correct. Both budgies look to be in condition and are bonded. I have a breeding box up high in the cage, a mineral block, cuttlefish, and give them fresh veg. I set the cage up with the breeding box and the mineral block about two weeks ago. The female is curious about the breeding box and goes in there a bit. Both budgies are over a year old and there are no other budgies in the same cage as them. Their cage is also quite large. I'm wondering if anyone knows how I can get them to breed? Any advice would be nice
  20. Hi, little back story first. our oldest budgie Daffi is almost 3 years old. He's always been a little crazy, non stop, full on playful. Semi trained but loves company and our children. We introduced a new baby bird completely hand tamed in April. They adore each other. They go everywhere together. They are out of their cages from morning to night. They have separate cages as they can't seem to tolerate each other at nighttime! I'd love if they could. They always played out on their playground with all the toys, screaming and chirping, being happy. Daffi never slept during the day ever. When Joey took naps Daffi started to as well. They loved foraging and eating veggies etc. We looked after my nieces budgie while she was on holidays. They all got on so well. Had the best time. The thing I should mention is Daffi was always humping his toy bird, feeding mirrors etc. He tried and few times with Joey and we used distractions, he used to try with everything. He became a little aggressive to Joey and us. So we took away the toy bird. He seemed fine and started playing more with us and Joey. Within the last few weeks though he's not the same bird. He refuses to go near the playground and toys which means Joey won't go either. He well only eat in Joey cage, first thing in the morning pet he goes for breakfast. He prefers to stay in either his cage or the other one. Just chilling and relaxing. He's sleeping more too and very quiet. He's like a completely different budgie. All the things that used to excite him no longer do. Why would he actively avoid his favourite things. He's stopped squawking and talking as much, he's like a wee old budgie. He bit Joey on the base of his back a few weeks ago and drew blood unprovoked as we were watching when it happened. Thankfully we could get Joey help and stop the bleeding. It's like someone swapped our crazy budgie for a quiet sleepy afraid budgie.
  21. I have a baby budgie with severely splayed legs. The budgies is 5 days old. I have put sponges on it's legs to try to correct it, but the budgie is not happy about it and keeps getting stuck on its back. I'm not sure if it is bad for the budgie to be on its back or if it is too young to treat the splayed legs. I am worried that using tape instead of a sponge will hurt the budgie's skin. Any suggestions?
  22. My Pretty Boy is also very quiet of late and he scratches a lot. He used to repeat everything I said but now just chirps. When I come home, he is usually pleased to see me - he stretches out and chirps a bit. I have had him for two and a half years, but do not know how old he was when I got him. I have taken him to the vet and he seems to think there is nothing wrong with him. I commiserate with you Glen. Gloria
  23. Hello! i am a BRAND NEW bird owner. As in I just received my bird within a few hours. I have a few large concerns and I feel like I can share them here. #1 my bird cage is what the store recommended although it is very small. It’s 18x10x18 and I fear it doesn’t allow the bird full range of movement. #2 her introduction to my home consisted of her getting away from me and me chasing her for about 8 minutes till I let her sit on my bed while I sit by my door. #3 after placing a towel over her and getting her in her cage she hadn’t moved at all. I fear that I’ve really messed up this introduction. #4 she hasn’t moved at all since being placed in her cage. When she was placed in her cage she banged all over the sides. We have a larger cage although we planned on returning it due to not having all the products promised. Any help appreciated.
  24. Two more birds to identify gender of. Blue is a male and yellow is a female?
  25. Please help. Don’t know the age yet.
  26. Hi to all, Just getting into budgies after having a handful for a couple of yrs.... Now a pair have started to breed, so time to learn some new knowledge. The search engine is my best friend, but be prepared for a few Q&A's along the way. Many thanks, Scoot.
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