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  2. Here are a few basic things: 1. Only breed when your birds are at least 10 months old 2. Never colony breed. One pair per cage only 3. You will need a nesting box for them. Put it in when the hens cere is tan coloured 4. Never allow more than two nests per year. Remove the nesting box when the last chick from the second nest has fledged and bury any remaining eggs Good luck
  3. Use a perch outside the cage get him to step up onto the perch outside the cage. If happy in the cage will probably eventually go back in the cage by itself.
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  5. Hi all! I recently bought a supposed 'Brother' for my budgie, turns out he is a she. So now i'm considering breeding. It's a long way off since she's only 5 months old and he is only 8 months, but it gives me time to research. Any breeders here that could give me some tips on what it's like? I just bought a nice large cage i'm fixing up for them. I'm hoping they will bond. Right now the female keeps chasing him off but I assume it's because she's not in the right mating condition. Thanks so much for your help in advance!! (:
  6. Hi Apple Cider, nice to meet you Cider is a very handsome boy nice colours, I live between Uk and Philippines also lived in Perth for about 6 months. I've been breeding budgies for about a year and love it, I only do it as a hobby there in Phili, Ive just finished work mate and got to take a shower. hope you've had a great day take care. Barrie. in the **** hole uk.
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    Thank you,for this info, was going to feed my 2 Budgies cabbage & googled whether its best to give raw or cooked but don't get a straight answer whether the cabbage should be cooked or be fed raw, so now I will not attempt to give cabbage....
  8. G introducing my boy Cider
  9. No problem! Glad to help!
  10. Hello Everyone, My name is Nazim Sheikh and from Pakistan. Kindly guide me how I can get TCB hagoromo with cross breeding. thanks.
  11. Your bird is beautiful! He looks like a male to me. How old is he? He looks like he is 6 months old to me. Hope this helped! YellowFeather
  12. Hello all, I'm a first timer to this forum so I hope I come across okay. I'd like to present an issue I am having with my budgie chicks where they keep dying at the age of 2 weeks, so here is the following info: Cage contains mineral block and cuttle fish Water contains vitamin D3 and calcium Seed has diatomaceous earth mixed in Room is the laundry which is at a constant 21C (even within winter as a heat lamp is above the cage) Budgies are fed baby spinach twice a day (can't get enough of) they are also given veges (celery carrot and broccoli that is minced up). They aren't too keen on this as I ruined the mix with the last clutch by adding Paswell Budgie Starter of which they hated. Prior to that though they used to eat all of the veges. Given that this has happened the second time around, something is clearly astray. According to the breeder that we purchased the birds from, this would now equate to this being their third clutch. Very different behaviour from second to third though with both the male and female being in the box almost constantly. This did not happen with the second where both the male and female were out of the box regularly, not for long, but still it was different, so I question whether this was actually their first clutch? Is there a conditioning to their new environment? Anyway, we get to two weeks (just before the feathers start poking out of their skin) and they die. Two nights ago we made the decision to hand feed the two largest birds due to the first chick dying. They had a small amount of food in their crop which looked like baby spinach and we proceeded to feed them a formula mix at 37C. All was going well until the next morning they had died. Looking at them there is not obvious tell tale signs of trouble anywhere, they just look pale. Coming into the so-called third clutch we were suspicious of the mother having the capacity to feed them and still don't properly know here, which is why we started to hand feed the last two clutches. I have noticed that the formula contains soy and I read a number of years ago about a study in New Zealand of the effects with birds eating food containing soy. Have any of yourselves had affects from this? My last question is to do with water. We supplement the water with D3 and calcium but the water itself is mineralised through our water filter system. I have heard this can have an affect, but I would think that if this is an issue then the chicks would be dying a lot earlier. So should I be using bottled water? Any help that you could provide would be greatly appreciated as going through this again is devastating, and talking to kids about it doesn't help matters either. I bred canarys and finches when I was a child and I never thought for a second that budgies would be this challenging. Thanks in advance for any input.
  13. Hello Jane and welcome to the forums! My advice would be to try to clipping your birds wings, but do not attempt to do this if you aren’t really sure what you are doing. Clipping his wings will help you train him better because he will not be able to just fly away, therefore giving you a better shot at training him. Try to spend as much time as possible with him, and talk to him. Also, you probably should remove the mirror if he interacts with it and treats it like another bird. If he doesn’t it probably is not an issue. And try to keep hand feeding him like you mentioned as much as possible. Start by trying to hold him in his cage first as well, then progress to holding him outside of the cage. As for his diet, try finely dicing vegetables or fruits into his food box with his normal food. It will make him have to eat around the “gross stuff” and he will eventually eat some, and find out that it isn’t that bad. Note: do NOT give your bird avocado, as it is toxic to them. Good luck! Keep me updated. Hope this helped! YellowFeather
  14. Baby budgies cuddling is pretty normal behavior. She will most likely grow out of it though. Jade looks like a beautiful female to me! If you could send some more close-ups of her cere that would be helpful. As for what you said about wanting to get another budgie of the same gender, you probably don’t need to worry about housing budgies of the opposite gender together as they need specific things to start breeding. Hope this helped! -YellowFeather
  15. Hi, my name is Jane and I'm new to the forum. I am the owner of one male Budgie who goes by the name of Rocky Balbudgie, and I have to admit I could do with a bit of advise, if that's okay. I have had Rocky for 15 months and I believe he was around 13 weeks old when I bought him home. I bought him from a Budgie Breeder near me who owns a shop specialising in all kinds of birds, people travel from all over the country for his birds and I was extremely impressed with their online reviews He arrived with his wings clipped, I have never continued to clip his wings and whilst spending time with the breeder in the shop (which was about 1 hour) he went through how to care for a Budgie and his advise to me on getting him out of the cage was to grab him, which same again didn't seem right and at first that's what I did, but no longer do so. Health wise he is fit as a fiddle, my concerns are is his behaviour as he is not very social with me or my partner and despite our best efforts he will not come out of his cage (He currently has a Vision Cage). I hear about how other Budgies love to be out of their cage and play but Rocky as soon as I get him out at the first opportunity he flies straight back in and gives a triumphant chirp. He isn't frightened of us and will quite happily eat out of hands and will come onto our hands on his own terms. I know it takes time for a Budgie to bond with us but I feel by now he should be confident enough to fly in and out of his cage (he is a dab wing at flying back into his cage) as well as be more bonded with us and I really don't know what to do. We are at work all day and I know that probably wont help, but I do put the radio on for him and I do have a few toys in his cage. He, currently, has a swing with a small mirror and a toy on it, a guitar with play beads on it and a disco ball, he loves his swing I think that's his favourite, especially the little mirror and during the day we place him by the window so he can look out at the garden. I have also noticed that he only likes certain fresh foods which is limited and refuses to try anything new. Please, can someone advise me as to where I am going wrong and maybe give me some bonding tips, or is he too long in the beak to change? Or is it, possible, the way he was handled in the shop and I didn't stand a chance of bonding with him. Please could I have tips on getting him to try new foods, I do feel he needs a more varied diet. Thank You So Much Jane.
  16. Hi all just joined and thought I’d introduce our flock of pretty little ladies and handsome little men! 1. Baby our first little guy, he’s got a bit of a disability but doesn’t let it get him down. 2. Steve our beautiful boy 3. Our sweet girls Sunflower, Ella and Lily 4. Jay Jay my handsome boy
  17. As soon as I brought my new budgie straight home, I clipped his wing when I had to take him out of the box to put him into the cage. That way he wouldn't be traumatized again. I have had him now for 4 days and instead of being stressed and running from me, he let me touch his feet! I waited a day before putting my hand into the cage and when he got stressed I removed it. I was very gentle with my hand and today, day 4, I could pet him!!
  18. Not sure if it's a boy or girl..I read all budgies have same color cere as babies or white for f and pink for males ..any help thanks..
  19. I have gotten 2 budgie a few months ago and have no clue about the genders just can't figure it out as of behaviour the blue one is very quite and will step up and fly to me but dose not come near me if I dont ask it the yellow one is always wanting attention and is extremely loud
  20. Yes they are. The Budgerigar Society determines the colours for each year. This year we are using black. http://www.bcv.asn.au/diploma-show-classes-and-ring-colour-guide.html
  21. Hi! I'm new to this forum and also very new to breeding budgies so I'm going to be asking a lot of questions on here. I thought I'd start with the most severe problem so far. How do I clean out the best box? The first baby is around 3 weeks now and the youngest is around 1or so and the best box has an odd smell around it. I'm not sure if that's normal or not but I'm just guessing it's not. I really want to clean it out but last time I tried the parents freaked out and started flying around everywhere and the babies started screaming. After that for a few minutes the hen seemed a little nervous about going into the best box but I'm not sure. Is there any way to clean it so the parents and the babies don't get scared? If not is it okay if they are scared? Will the parents stop caring for them if I clean it? Any help would be very much appreciated.
  22. My mother bird has died, not sure why. She recently has 3 babies, approximately 3 weeks old. The father is feeding them and is very protective of them. They were first time parents. Just wondering if I need to do anything or if he will be able to take care of them himself. Thanks.
  23. Hi, I got a hand fed budgie a week ago, it is 10 weeks old now. I’m thinking Jade may be a girl but this is my first bird and am not confident about sexing. This bird is rather cuddly, which I did not expect. It’s very cute and I’m enjoying it. Jade asks for cheek and head scritches which I happily indulge several times a day. Jade also likes to hide under my hand cuddle and fall asleep. It feels like it’s using my hand like a mother birds wing or snuggling with a sibling. This happens every day usually in the afternoon. I stop what I’m doing when Jade wants this interaction and just relax listen to it’s cute noises ( sound like baby birds that are in my yard every year) then she/he falls asleep. I am careful not to pet Jade and just do cheek and head scritches. Jade can be quite playful as well, and steps up already, and enjoys riding on my shoulder. I have been told repeatedly that budgies are not cuddly and only some like head and cheek/ neck scritches from their human flock members. I’m wondering if Jade is exhibiting baby behavior ? Is it likely Jade will grow out of this soon? I’m hoping that the desire for scritches continues. The photos attached were taken yesterday. With different views and light angles more blue is visible. I’ve been told Jade has too much white around the nostrils to be a boy. What say you all? I’m going to get another budgie but want the same sex as I do not want to breed budgies. I’m not in a big rush but am thinking of getting another while Jade is young.
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    Okay guys, 2nd time lucky! I just discovered my first baby! Now there is nothing in her box because she always throws it out and threw her eggs out last time I did put something in there. I’m worried about their little legs but don’t want to put anything in there incase she throws out the unhatched babies or the babies! Please help 😅 ❤️
  25. Here's a picture of, "hypertrophy of the cere"
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