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  2. Post as many budgie pictures as you want (preferably your own). At the end of every year I'll put them all together to make a rainbow!
  3. I have recently gotten a new bird called Silva. She is black and white but still needs some time to adjust to living here. 1. How rare is her colour? 2. What genes/mutations cause her to be like that? 3. How can I help her fit in with my other 3 budgies?
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  5. Hello, My mother budgie has killed three of her chicks (I am not sure how). She has left the oldest still alive which is now 10 days old. The oldest chick has splayed legs (we are taking care of that) but is not getting enough food and has not opened his/her eyes yet. Please help? Should I give this chick to another pair that has chicks or should I try and bring it in and help it myself? If so please give me a homemade recipe to budgie chick formula. Due to location circumstances, there is no places that I can buy formula except from eBay/amazon. They live in an aviary (heated and is protected from drafts). Thanks to all.
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  7. My little budgie has recently lost the use of one of his legs. We took him to the vet and they think it is testicular cancer. His cere is bright blue though. He is only 2 1/2 years old and he is getting very weak. The vet has suggested the hormone implant, they think it will extend his life by around 12 months but he is such a small bird they also said the failure rate is high and he may pass during the anaesthesia. I was wondering if anyone who has tried the implant can give me feedback about what they have experienced. Thanks
  8. Hey guys, Just came over to my mums house and saw my sister's bird and it has like these dry looking scaly lumps grown around its face. Also has very scaly feet too. I asked my younger sister why she hadn't noticed and taken it to the vet or at least googled something but she's very ditzy and only young but i'm still mad she didn't tell my mum. It seems quite healthy though he chirps a lot and plays with its toys and has been eating normal. It's hand tamed and about 6 months old just for reference too and apparently my sister said it's been getting worse over time about 2 months after she bought him. So can anyone possibly tell us what maybe wrong with it ? *Please no hate or anything, we want advice so we can literally help it ! Thanks:)
  9. I have a sick budgie with unusual feather growth on his head. They are harder than normal and kind of clumping together. Does anyone have any ideas what it could be?
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  11. Help My son is trying to get started. We bought a breeding pair who had eggs, but the eggs were never hatched. Its been about three months and now they are showing the breeding signs. The past few days we have gone out to do their food and water and there have been eggs on the floor of the avairy. Its like she is not even trying to lay them in the box. Why would this be? Any help much appreciated
  12. Hi there. We’ve had one budgie (Booster) for 3 years now, decided to get a second one (Blue) and this happened when we brought him home: As we were taking him out of the box he was in to put into the cage he slipped out of my hands and flew off, he's only 5 weeks old so cant fly well, anyway he ended up stuck behind a radiator. Managed to get him out quite quickly and get him into the cage but i noticed his foot looked a bit odd, in the picture its the one on the right. He doesn't seem to be able to uncurl it, and when he stands on it it stays tucked under him. So my question is, does it look like its been injured? Is this something that might sort itself out/heal over time or should i take him to a vet? Thanks in advance.
  13. I’m a budgie breeder, and I own 6 budgies of my own. Not too long ago, I bred one of my pairs of budgies. The female had laid eggs successfully, and she was fine. But then, I checked after a long long time (when she left the box) and I noticed that the baby Budgie was flattened, squashed to the nest box floor. I am so confused. Recently, my female tried again. She done the laying successfully and spent all her time in the box with her eggs. One egg hatched well, and I checked today, and well- it seems that baby Budgie is flattened and squashed to the nest box floor too! She isn’t a first time mother, and I am severely confused! I expect the baby to be dead, and I am really saddened by that.
  14. Hello, I have recently changed my budgies food from viral to a different brand, ever since I’ve had her she’s been fine, a shy bird but I figured she’s getting used to us and my other female budgie, who we have had longer therefore getting them to become friends was a long process in its self. recently as I changed the food my blue budgie started vomiting, it’s only happened once today and it’s the first time I had seen her vomit as I have seen them both regurgitate and I knew it definitely wasn’t regurgitation, she was flogging seeds and head bobbing. I was just wondering could the change in food be a cause? She is younger than my yellow budgie, or could this be a more serious thing?
  15. Hi Recently I have had one of my female die while I was on holiday so my even number (3M 3F) has changed (3M 2F) . Both my other hens have gone into season so I have had to split the cages. The problem is my oldest Male (my rescue so he's not tame) is not fitting in in either cage. Cage 1 he's ignored and looks lonely. Cage 2 he is chased by the other male. I'm not sure what cage is best. Thank you for any help you can give me.
  16. I have a friend who recently got budgies. I have owned budgies for 4 years and understand how to properly care for them, but he doesn’t. I tried my best to explain to him how to, but one of his budgies died only after 1 month! He randomly says he is going to breed the other budgie, which is a male. He says “he knows all about breeding budgies from YouTube” 😳 I am so concerned for the budgie which is not even 1 year old yet, and could possibly have an illness as well. He also has NEVER owned birds before and he isn’t at home half of the time. His cage setup is terrible and he believes that breeding budgies is “easy and not stressful” I have never bred budgies before, so what should I tell him to convince him not to breed??
  17. Have wrestled with the idea of sharing this, but here goes. I feel that Sarah Spiers has a message for her mum. She has been showing me 'Just like new' and 4 Mrs S. I think she wants her mum to know she is okay now and that she feels like new. When I saw her, her hair was in a ponytail and she smiled at me. She looked happy. Just feel like her mum needs to hear this
  18. okay so about a month ago, we went to a petstore that rescues birds, to get our third budgerigar. I'm having a little trouble taming him and was wondering if anyone who's experienced this could help! I took about two weeks with my hand in his cage, reading to him, then hand on his perch, then feeding him millet (which he is taking and eating out of my hand) and he seemed like he was progressing in that way. He understands how to step up, but is very fearful of my hand. we were catching him to weigh him, which might have slowed the process. My family recommended I catch him, bring him out, and just hold him to try and get him used to me, which worked with our other birds, so I tried but he only seems more scared of me now. so basically, hes very scared of my hand and coming out of his cage. If I chase him around the cage, and press my finger against him right, he steps up. I try really hard not to chase him, but I admit, sometimes it happens. If he gets out of the cage and has fallen, he will flap to my finger for me to "save him" and put him somewhere safe. how do I get him to not be so fearful of my hand and coming out of his cage? I really love his personality, and I would love for him to trust and bond with me
  19. Any advantage in getting a acylic cage over a regular one. And can budgies be kept in a acylic cage long term.
  20. My females are also in the same nest. The eggs seem to be fertile and theres no conflict.
  21. I have been giving my budgies soaked grain for a few years but they appear to be very fat. I use wheat, rye and barley. How much should I give per bird and how often.
  22. I got my new budgie yesterday from a pet store and I'm wondering if when I should let it roam around my room? (My room is small and is safe.) What I've heard people say is if a single budgie just sits in its cage all day (what my budgie has been currently doing) they will get depressed so should I let it out? Or do I wait until it has fully gained my trust?
  23. I got my new budgie yesterday from a pet store and I'm wondering if when I should let it roam around? (My room is small and is safe.) What I've heard people say is if a single budgie just sits in its cage all day (what my budige has been currently doing) they will get depressed so should I let it out? Or do I wait until it has fully gained my trust?
  24. My budgie has a very noticeable vent. Was worried maybe impacted...about4 days now, but eating, chirping etc, doesn't look sick but can pant a lot at times. How long can she be "pregnant" before actually laying?
  25. Dear Forum Members, I'm hoping someone may be able to assist me. My budgie has blood on the top of his head, which I have a suspicion may be because of mites. I have been applying some Anti-Parasite (Ivermectine 10ug)drops behind his head in the past which has seemed to work, except this time it doesn't. I thoroughly clean his cage every week so I'm a little sceptical it is mites, however I read these drops treat a number of different mite and worm problems so I use them. I only have one single budgie. He's not his usual active self, doesn't fly well, pants for breath, and looks "old". He is around 10 years old, so he is I guess an old age pensioner as budgies go, though I need my little mate around as long as I can have him. Does anyone have any tips on what I could do? regards, Peter
  26. My young male budgie wants to get in the nesting box he got in once and scattered the eggs so I put him in a different cage. I let them out together but the hen goes back afte a few seconds am I doing the right thing she is sitting on 4 eggs
  27. If the eyes are red, your bird is an opaline fallow.
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