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  2. Yes they are. The Budgerigar Society determines the colours for each year. This year we are using black. http://www.bcv.asn.au/diploma-show-classes-and-ring-colour-guide.html
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  4. Hi! I'm new to this forum and also very new to breeding budgies so I'm going to be asking a lot of questions on here. I thought I'd start with the most severe problem so far. How do I clean out the best box? The first baby is around 3 weeks now and the youngest is around 1or so and the best box has an odd smell around it. I'm not sure if that's normal or not but I'm just guessing it's not. I really want to clean it out but last time I tried the parents freaked out and started flying around everywhere and the babies started screaming. After that for a few minutes the hen seemed a little nervous about going into the best box but I'm not sure. Is there any way to clean it so the parents and the babies don't get scared? If not is it okay if they are scared? Will the parents stop caring for them if I clean it? Any help would be very much appreciated.
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  6. My mother bird has died, not sure why. She recently has 3 babies, approximately 3 weeks old. The father is feeding them and is very protective of them. They were first time parents. Just wondering if I need to do anything or if he will be able to take care of them himself. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I got a hand fed budgie a week ago, it is 10 weeks old now. I’m thinking Jade may be a girl but this is my first bird and am not confident about sexing. This bird is rather cuddly, which I did not expect. It’s very cute and I’m enjoying it. Jade asks for cheek and head scritches which I happily indulge several times a day. Jade also likes to hide under my hand cuddle and fall asleep. It feels like it’s using my hand like a mother birds wing or snuggling with a sibling. This happens every day usually in the afternoon. I stop what I’m doing when Jade wants this interaction and just relax listen to it’s cute noises ( sound like baby birds that are in my yard every year) then she/he falls asleep. I am careful not to pet Jade and just do cheek and head scritches. Jade can be quite playful as well, and steps up already, and enjoys riding on my shoulder. I have been told repeatedly that budgies are not cuddly and only some like head and cheek/ neck scritches from their human flock members. I’m wondering if Jade is exhibiting baby behavior ? Is it likely Jade will grow out of this soon? I’m hoping that the desire for scritches continues. The photos attached were taken yesterday. With different views and light angles more blue is visible. I’ve been told Jade has too much white around the nostrils to be a boy. What say you all? I’m going to get another budgie but want the same sex as I do not want to breed budgies. I’m not in a big rush but am thinking of getting another while Jade is young.
  8. Holly


    Okay guys, 2nd time lucky! I just discovered my first baby! Now there is nothing in her box because she always throws it out and threw her eggs out last time I did put something in there. I’m worried about their little legs but don’t want to put anything in there incase she throws out the unhatched babies or the babies! Please help 😅 ❤️
  9. Here's a picture of, "hypertrophy of the cere"
  10. HI there, Just wondering if anyone can help with the mutations and colours for my new babies. I have had a guess but some are hard to tell, Greywing, Clearwing, Dilute etc. I breed the parents and have attached photos of there parents as well. First photo should be of my current pair and there babies, 2nd photo is of the Hens parents and siblings, 3rd photo is of the Cocks parents and siblings. Thanks for your help, Ange
  11. money_killer


    Hi, New hobby for me budgies, so thought id sign up to a forum like i do with all my hobbies. i have recently got 2x female and 2x male budgies. they seem to be happy lots of noise and movement. tried to upload a few pics but failed pics must be too big cheers
  12. Sorry for the *Extremely* late reply, is there an image I can see?
  13. I have little ones about to leave their nesting box. today I watched them with half closed eyes as I was sure one would crash to the ground but the mother ushered them back in. its so interesting, what a visual story it is to watch the birds interact with each other and their mates. I think we learn more from this then any reading. having said that I am interested to see how the colors come through with these birds and look forward to having a few new healthy birds join the other before the cooler weather comes. I shall look forward to learning more and reading your posts. thankyou
  14. ah this made me laugh, hope you got the ice cream container in
  15. Sorry for a late reply, but I don't think leg rings have anything to do with age or color of the budgie. I've bought two budgies from the same place and only one of them had a leg ring. Usually, the rings are just for the breeder/seller to keep track of the bird and don't have any other specific purpose. (it could be identifying gender or age, but that's not always the case.)
  16. That was how my youngest budgie Skylar acted. Skylar wasn't finger trained, though. I've had him for three years now, and it took two of those years to hand train him. He was exactly like that, super anxious and didn't like to ever be out of his cage. I had another bird when I got Skylar though, and that made all the difference. I would definitely suggest getting two birds. It will calm your budgie down if the two get along. And I agree with Skye Lily that you should get your feathered friend some more toys to play with.
  17. These three birds look more like Frosted Pieds than any clearbody. Frosteds tend to lighten with each molt and a variant of the Dutch Pied.
  18. Is he alone in his cage? That may be part of the problem, that he doesn't have anything to do. Sorry for the late reply!
  19. The molt is probably just a coincidence. They happen everyonce in a while, and I, at least, dont know of an instance where it's changed. The sleeping may be because of the molt, or because he's less stressed and happier with the new bird.
  20. What I recomend is putting a blanket partly over her cage and adding a small nightlight to it.
  21. Usually people write that budgies relax in the dark but mine is the exact opposite. She starts circling her cage and if she hears any sound close enough she starts screaming like a backtracking truck. As I result I've resorted to leaving the blinds open so the moonlight enters the room and now she stays calm and doesn't scream if I happen to wake up in the night. The problem is I have trouble sleeping with lights and I frequently wake up and the worst that, on weekends, I end up waking up sooner than I'd want to as the sun shines on my face. Does any of you think of a solution that might work to stop her from screaming in the dark? She's just a few months old and I've only had her for a few days so I get she's scared but I still wonder if there's anything else I could try.
  22. A while back my young female budgie (I'm guessing she's around 1.5 yrs old) started to develop a crusty cere. At first, I just assumed it was because she was maturing and going into breeding season. But then the peeling turned into larger bumps. I don't have an avian vet around me but I was considering taking her to the normal vet anyway since its better than nothing but I figured I would get some second opinions first. I attached some photos, I'm not sure how well you can see the dips.
  23. My condolences! Thats most unfortunate
  24. hey again! i think there were some other underlying issues on top of that. he was acting rather strange and was lying on the bottom of the cage a lot. i thought this was because of the toe and i planned to take him to a vet but sadly he passed away on the 17th the evidence of him being sick was there but unfortunately i didn’t notice til after he’d passed. thank u for the help nonetheless!! ❤️
  25. Datr583!


    My dad had an aviary and he listed his birds in sunny days and they loved it. Hope this helps.
  26. I'd recomend just going the easy way and sprouting organic vegtabled for them.
  27. You may want to try and set it, but if he doesn;t like it or you're not confident in your handiwork you should probaly take him to the vet. Hope he gets better!
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