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    First Egg

    My budgie layed her first egg today .it is very small. Is it infertile
  4. Hi everyone. My budgie hen layed her first egg today. The egg is very small in size. Do i need to worry about its infertility. How much is the chance of its hatching
  5. Today I noticed some yellow-orange stains on the walls where my budgie slept this night, he moves rarely, he always is sleepy and just sometimes when there is a noise he opens his eyes, I took him out of his cage, he wanted to stay on my shoulder, after 2 minutes he wanted to jump on the table (I went to the kitchen), he started eating some crumbs. When he was on my hand, he was very light. I think it may be a food poisoning since he vomited this night according to the stains on the walls. What should I do? Additionally his droppings are white. I fed him with some rice today.
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    So can a budgie eat hibiscus rosa trunk?
  8. My 1.5 years old budgie started to act strange. He isn’t chirping anymore, he used to sing all the time. He also looks fluffed and tired. He is sleeping more. I have took him to the vet they said he is fine. But i can tell somethings wrong beacuse he isnt acting like himself. I have been giving him vitamins.
  9. He just hasn't warmed up to you yet. How would you feel if you were minding your own business and a giant predator who's hand alone is bigger than you stuck it's hand in? Keep feeding him, he'll warm up in time :)
  10. https://youtu.be/jyWk6kXtFEk
  11. My 1yo budgie has a feather growing upwards on each eye which causes him to shut his eyes all the time. How is the best way to treat him? Sent from my SM-G981B using Tapatalk
  12. Hello there, I have no idea what gender my bird is but I've been set up on a girl since I got her so that's what I go with. I had noticed that my bird's feet were getting scaled/dried up a while ago and thought it could just be the weather as it's especially hot in here around this time of the year. Last week I also noticed that the bottom of her cere had also started getting scaled up and I sort of freaked out went to the vet. To my surprise the vet said it looked like fungus and gave me a spray solution and I've been using it for the past couple of days but I'm not entirely convinced that it is fungus. It always comes down to scaly face mites when I look it up online. She's not completely tamed and I had never hand-handled her before so it is very stressful for the both of us. The contents of the spray includes Chlorine Dioxide Liquid, Aloe Vera, Lemon Grass, Oregano Daisy, Green Tea, Zinc (%5), Boric Acid (%9). Here is a picture of my bird. Could this really be a type of fungus? She used to scratch/shake off her feet from time to time but since using the spray she seems content with her feet. It's hard to find another vet closeby and I don't want to go against the vet's directions but I honestly think this is a case of mites.
  13. Hi there, I'm new here, and I've been trying to tell if my yellow/lutino budgie is male or female, and I would apreciate if somebody could tell me since I'm not really sure, I think it's a male but I need others opion.
  14. Does anyone know how to get in contact with Jeff stone to purchase a full copy of the Budgerigar program? I have tried contacting him via email and messenger with no response.. Or is there an equivalent program people are using now?
  15. Hi, I'm new to this site and not an experienced budgie keeper. We have three budgies in a good sized cage and they have been happily living together for over twelve months. Recently a rat chewed a hole in the bottom of the cage and it allowed one of our birds to escape and it never returned. We bought a new budgie from our local pet store to replace it. This new budgie has splayed legs. The lady at the pet store assured me it was something that will correct itself as it grows stronger. I have been reading up on the subject and I'm beginning to realise that this is not the case. When we put the bird into our cage at home. Our male budgie started to attack the baby immediately. I have removed him (or her) from the cage and purchased a cage that it can stay in by itself. The lady at the pet store told me that the budgie is 7 weeks old. My question is, is that too late to try and correct the legs? Will I do more harm than good to even try? He spends most of his day at the bottom of the cage but occasionally he tries to climb up the cage. I really hope there is something I can do to help him. I will take him to vet if things don't improve quickly. Just thought I ask here first to see if it was worth me trying to correct the problem myself. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated
  16. Does anyone know how to get in contact with Jeff stone to purchase a full copy of the Budgerigar program? Or is there an equivalent program people are using now?
  17. Hi everyone. I just adopted a young budgie today. He hasn't eaten yet. He did peck on a stem of seeds I offered him.
  18. Just a quick question I just purchased a club rung budgie female can she breed with regular budgies. It might be a silly question but I wasn't 100% sure. I read up a little on it saying club rung budgies are a little larger fluffier in the feathers. Are they able to breed?
  19. Hello! I’m new to the forum, I’ve been keeping budgies for about 14 years I currently have 4, Jink a 4yr hen, Ikki an about 9 months hen, Jinora an about 9 months male (named him a bit too soon, but it stuck oh well), and Pidge a 19 day old chick. None of the older birds are tame, though they tolerate me working in and around their cages (Ikki has been separated since Jink got mean once the eggs were laid). Jink and Jinora are a pair and decided to lay a clutch this year, despite my best efforts. So I did/am doing my research, and trying my best to give them everything they need. The first clutch was a failure, Jink accidentally cracked all the eggs but one, which was a dud anyway, partially caused by a poor nest box design (which I have since fixed) about a month after the first clutch she laid a second (I know they’re close, I didn’t have much say in the matter) 4 eggs, one cracked early on, one was early embryo death, one was a dud, and the last hatched Pidge. All has been going really well Jink is amounting to a perfect mother (Jinora is a useless father), and I’ve been getting her used to me being opening the nest box she usually leaves, then goes back about 15 minutes after I shut the lid. I’ve been able to briefly handle Pidge (no more than two minutes at a time, 2-3 times a day) for the last couple of days. Tonight however, Jink is sleeping outside of the nest box, I took a very careful peak and Pidges crop appears to be half full (I don’t know exactly when the last feeding was) I have formula on hand should I need it, though I wasn’t planning on hand feeding. At what point should I get worried that Jink has abandoned her nest? Is it something I did, I tried to be careful and not make her uncomfortable (she’s a pretty bomb proof bird, prior to this I could stick my whole upper body in the cage to rearrange toys and she wouldn’t care)? Is it just too hot in the nest box, the room they’re in is about 80°F? Or at this stage is it okay/normal for the hen not to sleep in the nest at night? During the day she’s been spending more and more time out, but she’s been going back in at night. How long can I leave it before I have to intervene and feed Pidge? Any breeding advice would be most appreciated. I’ve read up on it as much as I could, but I’ve never DONE it before. I should note, there is no avian vet in the area, I’ve checked, more than once. TLDR: Hen sleeping outside the nest containing a single 19 day old chick, at what point do I start to worry, and when do I need to/should I intervene? And how? The photo was taken this morning, I set Pidge down and a ‘grippy’ surface so I can better check is splayed leg is a concern, though there seems to be no problem navigating the nest box, one corner is certainly the preferred spot. Sorry for the long post, and thank you in advance for any advice you have!
  20. Hey everyone, I really need your help! Our budgie Chewie isn't well :( We've had him around 2 years, he's fairly young. He has only recently been showing bad signs. The first thing we noticed was he was itching the feathers around his vent a lot. He always had a clean butt with white feathers. Now, possibly because of the itching, he has a bold area around his vent. Also there are lots of feathers at the bottom of his cage but he may be moulting we're not sure. He began making small squeaking noises sometimes when he was going to the toilet and his poop has been varied with some being runny and some stiff. But nowadays he has poo stuck to his buff feathers when, as stated, his butt was clean before. He also now his perches have poop on when they never did before. He has still been eating plenty and regularly but he has been regurgitating / vomiting up gunk and seed. Lastly, we've noticed that his behaviour has changed. He does not come up to the edge of the cage to see us anymore. He is generally less energetic. We were recommended online to give him probiotics which weve been adding them to his water. Has anyone got any more advice? Does anyone know what might be wrong with Chewie?
  21. My budgie sadly had a stroke and died in just an couple hours he was two years old. He appeared fine but began to isolate himself which I believe was disorientation and then in about half an hour he could not move his legs or body. It was impossible for me to get him to a vet. He shut his eyes and was breathing very slowly with a faint heart heat for around two hours. Sadly he then passed away. I did some research and it is very peaceful for them.
  22. Hi all, new to this forum and new to owning a budgie. I brought one over the weekend and have a few questions. It's suppose to be an albino but not sure it is. Also was wonder what type of perches should I use? At the moment it has wooden basic perches. I'm planning on hand taming the baby. It's very gentle and isn't shy/timid at all. I've attached a picture for everyone to see Twiglet! Any other help/advice would be really greatful! Thank you Sent from my SNE-LX1 using Tapatalk
  23. Hello, Today I went to a breeder to buy a new friend (Nori) for my older budgie Iwo. At home, I saw that Nori‘s vent is bald (see attached photo) and now I am worried about him. 🙁 He and Iwo are separated, because I fear that Nori could be ill. What do you think? Are bald areas normal for baby budgies? Sadly I cannot visit a vet until Monday... And I really don’t know what to do now. 😢 Nori and I would be very happy to get some answers. Greetings, Lu
  24. Hey guys I'm new to posting anything. I've had bullet for for almost 4 years and she has been relatively healthy. Just recently I've noticed that she had a small patch of feathers missing above here cere. Couple of days later it looked swollen then today it looked crusty and fell off. Now she has a small little hole with her cere peeled off to bare skin. The vets in my area are hopeless and I've been able to get an appointment with an avian vet next week. Can anyone tell by the pictures if this is something very serious or if I'm overreacting. Thanks in advance.
  25. I am trying to tame my budgie kiwi and its not going as planned. Kiwi is kept with another bird, Frosty who is so timid that I can't touch the cage without a fit. So anyways I get kiwi tame then he hangs out with frosty and BAM the next day he is terrified of me, and Frosty make a MESS with his seed so now their are mice... I was thinking of rehoming Frosty since he doesn't fit in the flock, but him and Kiwi are bonded and yeah...
  26. ((Sorry if this is in the wrong place!)) Reacently my female budgie laid and hatched an egg. This is the first fertile egg she has laid. All has been good, she has been feeding, but I'm in week 2/3 now and the baby is no longer in the nesting box (nesting box is on the floor, I'm keeping the floor clean) I have taken the nesting box out now to stop them from breeding again. Though I have noticed the mother is attacking the baby, I have been doing lots of research and can't really find an answer. I'm thinking about moving the baby into it's own cage and hand feedidng it until it can eat on it's own. It cannot fly yet, so I'm not sure if it will be okay sleeping on the floor of the cage until it can. I have also ordered some hand feeding formula which is to arrive in about a week, which is too slow. I read human baby food is a good substitute until I get the normal formula. I am unsure of the correct approach to this, I am fully aware of the time I will have to dedicate to feeding the baby. I haven't seen the father help out so this is why I want to seperate them. The parents are not tamed and I try not to intervine, but I don't want the baby to not be fed and die. Any help would be appreicated :)
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