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  2. These three birds look more like Frosted Pieds than any clearbody. Frosteds tend to lighten with each molt and a variant of the Dutch Pied.
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  4. Is he alone in his cage? That may be part of the problem, that he doesn't have anything to do. Sorry for the late reply!
  5. The molt is probably just a coincidence. They happen everyonce in a while, and I, at least, dont know of an instance where it's changed. The sleeping may be because of the molt, or because he's less stressed and happier with the new bird.
  6. What I recomend is putting a blanket partly over her cage and adding a small nightlight to it.
  7. Usually people write that budgies relax in the dark but mine is the exact opposite. She starts circling her cage and if she hears any sound close enough she starts screaming like a backtracking truck. As I result I've resorted to leaving the blinds open so the moonlight enters the room and now she stays calm and doesn't scream if I happen to wake up in the night. The problem is I have trouble sleeping with lights and I frequently wake up and the worst that, on weekends, I end up waking up sooner than I'd want to as the sun shines on my face. Does any of you think of a solution that might work to stop her from screaming in the dark? She's just a few months old and I've only had her for a few days so I get she's scared but I still wonder if there's anything else I could try.
  8. A while back my young female budgie (I'm guessing she's around 1.5 yrs old) started to develop a crusty cere. At first, I just assumed it was because she was maturing and going into breeding season. But then the peeling turned into larger bumps. I don't have an avian vet around me but I was considering taking her to the normal vet anyway since its better than nothing but I figured I would get some second opinions first. I attached some photos, I'm not sure how well you can see the dips.
  9. My condolences! Thats most unfortunate
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  11. hey again! i think there were some other underlying issues on top of that. he was acting rather strange and was lying on the bottom of the cage a lot. i thought this was because of the toe and i planned to take him to a vet but sadly he passed away on the 17th the evidence of him being sick was there but unfortunately i didn’t notice til after he’d passed. thank u for the help nonetheless!! ❤️
  12. I'd recomend just going the easy way and sprouting organic vegtabled for them.
  13. You may want to try and set it, but if he doesn;t like it or you're not confident in your handiwork you should probaly take him to the vet. Hope he gets better!
  14. My female budgie had an overgrown crusty cere which started about 18 mths ago. Avian Vet was not concerned. However it started to peel off today as it was obviously ready and scraped off without discomfort to her with my fingernail, like a scab. Just one tiny bit left a bit of pinky patch (just like a scab). She is fine.
  15. Female budgies many times do not get along well together, sometimes you just have to wait though it and the problem will pass over. If any budgies are getting hurt badly separate them IMMEDIATELY. Your males should cope well even if they are separated, if their cages are near enough to each other they may start a long distance relationship. If you have any other questions just ask! Hope this helped! -YellowFeather
  16. Your birds are beautiful budluv! Looks like to me that all your budgies are males but Sunny! If you could send some more pics that would be great! (Some of your budgies are not fully mature) Hope this helped! -YellowFeather
  17. Try handfeeding out of bottle. You may need to buy a hen to raise it, but as a last resort
  18. This isn't the morst uncommon, perhaps just keave the male in for a while longer, and if she continues to attack him move him.
  19. Hi, thank you for your information 👌 i have a question.. how to get violet color mutation without i buy one ? for ex: rainbow now, everyone know the formula to get it.... Thnks before
  20. Thank you. I now have the problem that she just attacked the male for going in the box. She has been letting the male in all the time before this. Should I remove the male?
  21. She may just be caring for the chick. She probably grabs food and then gives it to the chick, whilst caring for it.
  22. it contains a concave insert I guess that will do, Thanks you
  23. Yes, just make sure you have something to keep the chick's legs from slipping and getting splayed legs.
  24. It's possible that his wings are clipped from the breeder/shop, or they may be broken.
  25. Hey, is it okay to use this nestbox for my parakeets couple ? basically it's a cockatiel nestbox but it's the best I can find in my area concerning the quality of wood and the size, it's a bit large for a parakeet I guess but would it be a problem ?
  26. Hi all! Just last week I was moving houses and I transported my budgie Sprite in a shoebox (not the best, i know!) and i think he may have broken his toe? It’s bent back and pointing upwards and he tends to favor it yet he still uses it. I was wondering if there was anything I or a vet could do or should i just let it heal naturally?
  27. Hi I have bought new budgie,but I don't know his exact age and he cant fly.Right wing stands higher than the left.I want to know if he has a problem with the wings or he is new to fly?
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