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The Angel

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I came to you without a choice, you picked me for your friend.

So all I ask is that you care for me until the end.

My life may be a few short years, or 3 score years and ten,

So when Im not ?the perfect pet? will you still love me then?


I know my sweet and funny ways will bring laughter to your heart,

But will you feel as warm to me when all the troubles start?

When my natural instincts surface, and confusion makes me scream,

When despair at being trapped sets in?

Will I STILL be your dream?


Will you still give me loving care and help me through my pain,

Stand by me ?till my traumas cease and I can make you smile again?

Or will you pack me up and send me broken, on my way,

Then lament to all who?ll listen just how much YOU hurt this day?


I have no say in what you do, my life is in your hands,

But this small thing I ask of you, ??Please, will you understand???

If I should tear my feathers out despite how much you care,

Will you still think Im beautiful, and be proud that I am there?


Can you can give me all these things, and love without condition,

When my final journey beckons me, will you give me your permission?

If you can see my time is up, and Im needing to escape,

Will you please hold me one last time, through that journey I must make?


If you can do these simple things, and never think your efforts vain,

And not resent the love you gave throughout our joys, despite the pain,

Then you will be my angel here on earth, my whole life through,

And from here, and for eternity, I will be your angel too.



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Thanks guys! Lin, I'll check with the other mods about pinning, and if they agree, then sure. I just cant do it myself, pin my own poem if you know what I mean :blush:

Im glad it hits the mark though, thankyou.


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That is a beautiful poem Chirpyyand so near the truth. It also brought a tear to my eye and some memories of losing a very special disabled friend who gave so much love

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thats a beautiful poem! You have an amazing talent! I used to right poems but stopped thinking of starting up soon u inspired me :question: ...


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Hey Chirpy,



That Budgie on your siggy. We have one that is almost identical to it. We had to do a double take on it. What is the mutation/variation of it?? We have heard it was a Harlequin/recessive pied.





Toni & Tom


PS that poem is so beautiful and sad at some parts, thank you for sharing it


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  • 3 months later...

Gorgeous, I love it! I hate how people see animals as being 'disposable', when we moved over to AU from NZ a lot of people asked if we were getting rid of our dogs. Ummm no, not a hope in ***, they're family members and they go where we go! Cost a fortune but was well worth it, we wouldn't be without our pets and have made a commitment to them...hence taking 6 months to decide on what bird we were going to get.

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  • 3 years later...

Melandco and everybody on this site....I just came accross this 2005 poem from Chirpy, agh man its so good and a real tearjerker! Also I agree with you Melandco, my animals go with or I stay! - my 2dogs,my 2 cats,2 Tortoises,and 65 birds!:D

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