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How Good Are You

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:): to Feathered Pets. Such a show off :)
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How come I missed this?


Anyway I would have said:-









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:): to Feathered Pets. Such a show off :D

Takes one :P: to know :P: one :P:


Featheredpets spot on with your second geuss i have some more pics so if any one wants another go just say

Hath yes that'd be fun, I think Lin needs the practice. :(Laughing out loud):

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:): :D: :P:
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(Laughing out loud) at Julie :)


Well done FP :D Yes Hath I would like another go. Why did number one win second it doens't even have a big puffy head!

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Hmm, I wouldn't have been close. :D


Another one would be fun, hath.

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I agree, another one would be fun :D

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Lin needs the practise

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will sort the next one in a couple of days

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  • 2 months later...

Hath nice going the Photos are not showing the birds full colours and balance so It is hard to Judge purely on the melons and bibs.

These budgies pictured are all nice its marvelous that we all have different views as seen by your survey..

( thank God for the Show standards) Yet the bottom line is the People who visit the Shows should also pole their Favourite....Wouldn't that be Lovely.

:ausb: We have all bred some toppers at times lets hope the Birds promote the Love of one of the Greatest Exports in the Pet world Australias little Budgies.

Regards Doc :ausb: BY THE WAY YOUR SHOW WINNER MUST BE VERY NICE " You English breeders have taken great strides ... Cheers Docca

Edited by Docca
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  • 5 weeks later...

Hath good buddy isn't it interesting



This Budgie was a champion in recent Sydney Bird Show... the birds are groomed for the show ...this is a nice bird... Hope you enjoy :D

PS an Interesting fact of showing birds maybe even other animals is the drifting away from the standards...?


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lovely looking bird shame about the spots being tear shaped instead of round but he certainly has tha swagger of a champion bird


our recently crowned champion also with the tear spots

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  • 6 months later...

Hath have you thought about puting another one up for people (like me) to guess :P

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  • 1 year later...
this isnt a tip as such but a little test to help you with show birds features heres six photos any body can have a guess which order they came in.these birds were at a show and did come in the order i will give later









OH KAZ DAZ NORM and any other show breeder can you do this with photos so US new to the show side can get a better idea!!!


Much thanks

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good idea... I don't show, or even breed for that matter, but always enjoy the threads about all this stuff. Always interesting, and always something to learn!!

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  • 1 year later...

okay this looks like it could have been good to get a good idea of what to look for in your birds

as their is so many different look birds its hard to know which ones going to be worth putting on the show bench


do you thing this could be done again i know i sure would like to guess what birds are judged place winners


but id also like some explanations as to why they are and also for people guessing to right why they think each birds should come where and why

it would help understand the different tings different people look at or for in a winning bird


anyone want to post a similar thing to give me some idea what i need to look for in my birds :celebrate:

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