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Ive Taken The Budgie Plunge Again.

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Hello everone,i am new here,Yesterday i bought a new budgie,a lovely 6 week old white and blue,named Jim.

Now i used to allways have budgies when i lived at home with my parents but not since i bought my own home and married a lovely lady.

I have a few questions id like to ask,i want to tame the bird and it allready sits on my finger,i noticed tody that he sits fluffed up a bit,hopefully hes okay.

We are out at work allday so should i get a mate for him?

Also what toys would you recomend for me to buy?

Thanks in advance for any info.


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Guest Julie

Hello Adrian,

I wouldn't recommend getting a mate just yet for a variety of reasons.

Firstly if you did you would need to quarantine the other one for at least thirty days and you also need to take that time to make sure that Jim is healthy.

It is far easier to tame one new bird than two so use this time to concentrate on taming him although at such a young age that should be quite easy to do.

Birds do fluff up at times but if he spends a lot of time fluffed then it would be a good idea to let an avian vet see him to just generally check him over so that you know you are starting off with a fit and healthy bird.

If you leave him on his own during the day then just leave a radio or tele on for company for him and then give him loads of attention when you come home!


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I wanted to stop by and say hi and welcome, you will get awesome advice from the members on these boards :D.

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