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Leg bands

Guest samlorson

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Guest samlorson

Do anyone know where could I get some budgerigars leg bands?

I'm just planning ahead for my future babies parakeets so that I can keep track which babies belong to which parents. :o

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Guest birdie2008

I've never seen them in a pet store. In the US your best bet is to probably get them from a budgie club, like the American Budgerigar Society. I don't breed, so I can't tell you much more...

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Guest samlorson

I haven't seen pet shops in the U.S sales leg bands perhaps I should ask some of the people there. I will look for the above link. Thanks.

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not sure about the usa but over here in aus land the one in the pet shop are plastic and of one colour with no numbers or letter to record down. The only plae I've seen with the correct ones (speacial colour for the year and numbers) are budgie clubs or advertisment in budgie mags.

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