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Please Help.. Bully Grieving Budgie.

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May someone please advise me on what to do. 
I had a budgie for 13 years, he passed away 2 months ago. I then bough 2 boy budgies who were quickly best friends. Reading forums on why they kept flicking seed out I thought it was a young age behaviour thing. I also noticed there was so much poo but figured I was just used to 1 bird and this was normal. Turns out 1 was sick with suspected gastric yeast. I rushed him to the vet but he passed away leaving my traumatised as I had no idea the condition existed. 
As my bird Liam was now on his own he was clearly distressed and really sad having lost his best mate. The next day I got him a new boy friend Kurt. Liam has been not allowing Kurt to eat or drink, he will fly around the house chasing him for hours. He gets in his personal space constantly. He has pecked at his head. Kurt just can’t relax. 
I’ve now put a divider in the cage with separate food and water. I have been doing separate fly time since I noticed the chasing was not a game but bullying. 

Is Liam taking his grief out on Kurt since Justin died so you think? It’s only been 4 days. Or can it just be that they may not like each other and I have to continue to monitor them? I just feel bad isolating them as they are both lonely now. It’s so sad. 

Loosing 2 is such a short time my heart is hurting I don’t want to screw this up. Any advice is appreciated. 

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