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Hi, New here but desperately looking for some advice. We have had three male budgies for the past 7 years (one rescued two from a breeder). Two have very sadly passed away (cancer) in the past few months. We now have one very lonely budgie. This particular budgie was the least receptive to us of all three. He is very independent and was very bonded to his mates. My daughter (16) primarily has cared for them and her care is outstanding....fresh veg, pellets, rotation of toys, time outside cage and more. Since the two passed, she has been spending time trying to bond with our last budgie. It has been over 3 months now and he is still contact calling to the birds outside and desperately looking for a mate......we had to remove a steel water bowl as he became obsessed with his own reflection in it and was barely eating. Now he is doing the same with the steel latch on the flight cage. My daughter is frequently in tears worrying about him not coping. I know that we could get him another budgie friend but then we keep repeating the cycle of having one budgie at times......repeat etc. She knows she does not want to continue having budgies long term. She is now wanting to look at adopting him out but only to a loving home with more budgies. Still, there are no guarantees and that would also break my heart. So, so hard to know what to do. He is now 7 so he could live a few more years with her good care, though unlikely. Any advice appreciated. 

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