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What Chicks Would I Get From A Regular Budgie And A Pied Budgie?

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I have a female pied, and a regular male, hoping to breed these two. They are both 18 months old and have been together for about a month now. 
female is pretty feisty but has been the friendliest with this bird so far, she has lived with a brother before, and after that she was with a younger male for a short time. She really didn’t like the young guy! Hoping this is a good match. 
Any ideas what colours I may get with the chicks? The male is a blue/violet colour. Sorry i don’t have a lot of knowledge on mutations or genetics. New to the budgie breeding world. 
thanks in advance 😊🦜IMG_6834.thumb.png.5debc38e55e2650b9244c78c70d2a5fb.pngIMG_6849.thumb.png.1efd6e74bfc5779561c98e8d3be0fa7c.pngIMG_6847.thumb.png.840c12931f400702eade21d4f0453a88.png

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