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Tips - Read It Very Carefully, For Beginners, Advanced And Professionals. It Can Save The Life Of Your Beloved Budgerigar. For Sickness And Ect...

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sometimes if you have a lot of budgerigars or few, you don't immediately realize what's wrong with your budgerigar, and you don't recognize the symptoms.
some boulder heads, even if they are sick, skinny or lose breast meat, will still eat as if their life depended on it, but whatever they do they will not gain weight.
if a young bird has this when leaving a nest, it may be due to protein over-acidification.
if you pick up a bird like this and it is not coughing or gasping for breath, and you can see the sternum enormously and no more muscle mass in the flesh, all its intestines are affected, so the bird is dead.
overproduction of proteins can already occur in the nest, some are sensitive to it, others are not.

what if your bird is suddenly sneezing, or making strange movements all the time, such as coughing, coughing and regurgitating food and you hear it squeak. then I advise you to intervene very quickly.
because your bird is infected with a very dangerous parasite called the trachea.

what does that mite do in the initial stage, it settles in the membranes and the crop of your beloved budgerigar, and if you do nothing within 24 hours, the mite will settle deeper into the respiratory tract, even in the upper respiratory tract , often when a budgerigar has been coughing for a while, they are already there, and what they do is lay eggs in the airways or branch to the lungs, in other words eggs from a mite or parasite there will have fatal consequences, and within every 3 or 5 days they lie dead on the bottom.

there is a panacea against it that works very effectively and the wereking occurs immediately and this product is called trachea mite, this is a very strong remedy that smells a bit, the smell of it, you put 1 drop in the neck region, you remove some feathers that the drop comes into contact with the skin. you will see that the coughing and coughing will stop, occasionally put the bird with its beak in calcium water or on the basis of iodine and you will see that you have saved your bird, but the bird is at an advanced stage recorded dead.


a lot can be avoided by giving your budgerigar as little water as possible, but the source they really need, my birds NEVER stand on ORDINARY WATER but on iodine and trace elements, try to avoid as much green food as possible and certainly salad because this are killers.

when it is warm outside, take 1 lemon and 2 oranges and squeeze the whole mess and extend with pure water, add minerals, such as iodine and other vitamins, and preferably serve this as cold as possible, you will see what zest for life comes into your budgerigars, and it will also provide breeding (from lingering with pure water.

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