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The Gods Of Hollandsbirds - They Are 3 But They Are One And The Same.

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you will not find other budgerigars such as hollandsbirds 3 in 1 that carry the same formulas but are not the same in appearance and color.
same with the white and the yellow there are three gods .
said are the creators of pi factors but also everything that has not become pi with aam fur, but make no mistake no pied mutation can create a pi factor in a litter, without visible pi factors.
said are the controllers and the gods of pi factors, p factors, frosted factors and recessive factors, because the df blank carries everything on its gamets from scratch.
said the gods are made of fur and were the first non-normals of their kind. they are the most difficult birds, in pairs, in perfection, in enlargement, and their character is also completely different from other budgerigars, in 20 years of study I have exposed what others did not even know in books because I am the god of Dutch fur given by god elohim.

a breeder in the world in hollandsbirds who has all 5 formulas you will have to search for a long time. if you find 1.


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