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The Son Of The Divine One In 2023 Born From A Single Egg . His Father Was A God Of Pi

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why is the son not perfect in his pi factors, because it has long been shown that certain genes are not present from the enormous mother, named the r fcators, this has been thoroughly investigated from a perfect dutch pied even on double ath- ath gray , but what was very strange , suddenly the divine one x ath-ath-gray , without any kind of r fcators and splits , suddenly makes 2 black eyes.

deep research or writer don't know how this happened, simply the divine one coupled his own pi with his own split r, then 2 more times on 6 eggs and that proves that superman was a god in pi fcators in 20 years I have not seen 1 bird do this and that proves that books in hollandsbirds have failed, prove yes on video.


son 2021 of the divine superman and father of superman , but the perfect daughter of 2022 is lying with eggs , it go's one and one..

we now hope 1 thing that the father of my beloved bird can score one more time in 2023 to check the pi factors of the new r factors he is paired with if r factors play a role yes or no or if certain genes are missing we thoroughly examined for bad masks.
because the father made 3 perfect Dutch pieds in 2020.

but it is a very difficult issue to explain, because many do not see a difference between an ef dominant and ef dutch pied.

and one more thing , if a dutch pied does x recessive and the dutch pied is pure no dutch pieds will ever come in those litters they must be born with split 25% recessive , or no dutch pied will come.

don't forget dear breeders these are the oldest gods not normals in history , they are the designers and creators of fur , and the rarest and most difficult mutation for beginners , and advanced.



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