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Clearflight Ef Frosted Gray And Ef Hollandsbird Split Recessive

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for good sense the white bird was born from an ef dutch pied x recessive , so this is not a true white bird with visible pi and r like the real whites ef and df dark eyed clears. and that is precisely where the shoe pinches that many do not understand the matter. the first white is always and the only one with pi/r because he is not a true dark eyed clear , he is a normal white with split r , white birds  wear pi-r or pi-r-pi-r and never the split sign / the clearflight ef frosted is born from a white bird and always carries the p factors on its head, these are the gene factors of fur and genes left behind. ef and df dominants, on the other hand, only carry p factors but can never inherit pi factors from the prototype, nor can a blown clearflight that we call clear pen. beckman wrote it like this , it is a selective form of the prototype but never said he is or possesses pi factors that is also not possible by the way so don't build castles in the air because on this forum are many people who know nothing about it.

all nasser wrote on his website it took me a long time to understand this matter but to be honest he doesn't understand it , and what i have discovered what books have written is full of errors. by the way, did you know that the dutch furs were already there in the year 1864 that is different cake than what is in books because even before that there was already a blue bird with bleached breast from above and that tells me more than what books have written and I think the prototype was more than 100 years before the official date, by the way perfect investigations on pi and p and r factors on the normals and vice versa on the 5 different formulas of pi have exposed this by the way , recessive was never for the pi factors because he is a born bird that comes from dominant traits that have become recessive , the factors prove this just like ready pens , ef and df dominants. as I said the smartest who walks around in pi factors

what really goes on with a df dark eyed clear 4x25 gamet in pi are linked to 4x25%r factors and that means everything is full even the opaline factors on white and violet factors have confirmed this, but books are not so far they think they know a lot but know nothing... this is a gift from god example of a study pi/r x pi/r white , get young and make in the nest from 0 dark factors , so the parental pair and get 2 white with navy in the back and mauve in ******* white , so here is the proof that both parents possess the v factors. that someone manages this you are going to be in good hands with budgerigars on the pi factors, they don't call me the wizard and budgie god for nothing

video in english about pi factors


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