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I have a baby budgie who was attacked by her mother on the crown (head). image.thumb.jpg.c59d1d8de460b7ea6857b11067a5b823.jpgSo much so, that even some of the fur came off. I am positive that the budgie had an idea of how to eat whole foods but now it seems like she has forgotten. I have removed her from her mother but she does not want to eat, so I am force feeding her with a syringe. I am using a formula that the pet shop recommended but she is still not eating a lot. She is neither drinking water nor eating whole foods. What should I do please? How long do I have to wait between meals to feed her and how many mls should I give her? I hope, she survives this.image.thumb.jpg.c59d1d8de460b7ea6857b11067a5b823.jpg


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