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Our New Baby Budgie

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Hi everyone :)

This is our new baby budgie Loki. We bought him yesterday and he seems to be settling in more today.

Yesterday he didn't move from this one spot on his perch and didnt make a sound. He also didn't eat or drink, so we were a bit concerned but knew he had to get used to everything.

Today I hand feed him some seed and he ate it, which is great. I also scattered some seed on the floor and he has been down there eating that too, but still wont go to his food container.

What I am concerned about though is that he has not drunk any water, well not that I have seen and I have been watching him quite a bit today. Is this normal? I would have thought he would want some water to wash the seed down with at least.

Any suggestions would be great, thanks.

Here is our little Loki :) 


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Just an update....

Loki has just had some water. We put a bowl on the floor of the cage with some water in it. We thought he may find that easier for now. Glad it worked.

He also jumped on his seed container and ate some, so pleased, as I thought he wasn't going to eat from it.

So everything is going well...he even sits on our finger, he was doing that after a couple of hours of bringing him home, he is such a clever boy :)


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