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I Suddenly Lost My Male Budgie And Went Against Everything And It Worked !!

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I would like to share this with anyone else who may have a similar problem, its quite long but I hope it helps someone out there.

So I woke up to my poor male budgie at the bottom of he cage I was so upset, my female bird Lady Blue didn't know what was going on, we took him out of the cage and poor little blue spent the rest of the day all fluffed up and quiet and did not move much.

I spent so much time with her over the next couple of day and realised she was not eating or drinking and there was nothing I could do to console her, it was heartbreaking she was really missing her mate Bobby and so was I he was a little sweetheart.

Another couple of days had passed and I was now getting seriously worried as she had still not eaten or drank anything, I was in bits and I read everywhere that if a bird loses a partner you need to wait at least 2 weeks before introducing them to another, I was on day 5 and this was getting serious if I didn't do something I knew I was going to loose her and I had already lost Bobby that week and that was heartbreaking enough.

I made a decision and I woke up the following morning and went straight to the pet shop and got a little male who we named Bruno, he was in a little carry cage and as soon as I got him back I put him next to little blue and watched them, after about 20 mins I could not believe what was happening little blue had gone to her seed tray and started eating and drinking, I can not tell you the relief.

I left little Bruno in his carry cage till the following morning and then decided I was going to put him in with Blue and yes I had read everywhere that this is a big no no but I did it and my god it was amazing, they said hello to each other within a minute and then about an hour later my heart melted as Bruno must have sensed the Blue was stressing and upset and he cuddled into her and stayed cuddled into her for about the next 4 days, it was the sweetest thing to see I could not believe it I was so happy and I had never seen this with any of my birds.

We are now 6 months in and they both get along so well together, but there is one thing that I am most certain of and that is if I had not gone to the pet shop that day and done what I did I would have also lost my little blue the next day or so.

In the photo Bruno is the one of the left cuddling into Blue after an hour of them meeting, cuteness overload and so nice to see :)

If any of your budgies have lost a partner and are not eating and drinking try what I did and at the time I didn't know how she would react and the new bird brought her around and he definitely saved her.

WhatsApp Image 2022-02-23 at 17.32.34 (1).jpeg

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