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Lets Talk About Violets Some More

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I know that back a few years ago there was a discussion about violets.  Things have changed since then.  I had posted some time back about breeding.  I have a visual violet and I was so excited.  He was going to be my foundation Stud.  Well he was thinking different.  I just was not interested in making babies.  NO WAY JOSE!  So I had to look at different avenues.  So with the new season, I had limited stock.  I have 6 couples paired up for the season.  Cage 1 is a Violet Cobalt Male Spangle with a sky blue cinnamon.  Cage 2 is Violet Sky Blue Violet cobalt Male with with a Dark Green Violet Hen.  Cage 3 is Violet Grey Opaline Male with a Lutino Female who carries violet.  I got a very nice Violet Mauve Spangle from her.  Cage 4 is a Mauve and he is paired with a Violet Cobalt Hen.  Cage 5 is an Olive Spangle Male (he was the father of the Violet Mauve Spangle and he is paired with a Violet Cobalt Hen.  Last is Cage 6 a Violet Sky Blue Dom Pied with a Sky Blue Recessive Pied.  So all of these pairs at least one of the parent has the Violet Gene.  I know they didnt want to talk about adding Grey and Green, but I needed the Violet gene.

That is my plan and I will be adding images as time goes on.  Couple 6 is seriously getting down to business.  I am expecting eggs by next week.  If you are in the same situation as I am, please feel free to talk about.  Lets add pics as they come.  Thanks

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