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2 Of My Budgies Were Attacked By Cat


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Really looking for advice as I’m distraught, came home from work and my large bird cage was tipped off the stand and open, 3 of my 7 flew out. 2 have tiny amounts of blood (which I know how dangerous) I’m not 100% positive it was from the cat or if the injuries were sustained while knocking into things frantically flying. Just moved to this small town and there are no avian vets almost 6 hours from here and none are open now. I have cleaned the bloody areas with warm water and iodine diluted and moved them into a separate warm dark cage with food and water. I have started them on baytril in their water. What can I do? I know cat bites can cause large infection. The place i ordered the baytril from said 0.3mL per 8 ounces of water. Would I be better off syringe feeding the antibiotic? What would the dose be 

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