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Sf Dominant Pied + Clearflight?

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I have a female that look DF Dominant pied, but she has got 4 chicks with a normal partner and 3 of the chicks looks normal as well. But I expected all to be SF Dominant pied, if the female is DF Dominant.
The female has visual iris ring in both her eyes, so I don’t think recessive pied is involved.
I thing that she could be a combination of SF Dominant pied and Clearflight. And maybe one of the chicks is the same combination, och maybe 2 of the chicks could be poorly marked Clearflight?
It looks like the 2 youngest coudt have a pied feather or 2 in the back of their heads, but I’m not sure.
Is it anybody who knows more about pied combinations?
The first picture is the parents to my female. What do you say about their mutations?
Picture 2 and 3 is the female, and the rest is her chicks.

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