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2 Wk Old Baby Budgie Wing Problem

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I joined the forum because I’m in desperate need of help regarding my baby budgie.

I never intended for my bird to lay eggs but it ended up laying 5 eggs. Two hatched but one died because the sister (born a year earlier) was trying to help the mum in the box by feeding and preening so I assume it was crushed as it was a small space.

I put the sister in a seperate cage as I didn’t want it to happen to the other baby. The dad is staying in the cage until the chick can fend for itself. After I will seperate the dad to stop the breeding.

Now the mother is focused on her single chick. She’s a good mum and everything but the way she sits on her baby has made the wings bent back. Think of when a bird opens its wings. It’s just stuck in that position 

I’m trying to grab the chick to see if it’s just me catching her in a bad position but it seems like her wings are stuck that way.

Has anyone ever encountered a bird like this? If so, is there a way I can help it?

Thank you in advance

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