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Please Need Help With Setting Up Base For My 3x2x2 M Aviary

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Hii Guys,

I have an Aviary to set up for my 9 year old kid. But before that, I need to set up the base for it to make it a solid base to prevent from possible rodents. We work long hours and do not have much time for any U-Turns if not done properly. 


So, would appreciate if any one is expert enough to please share their tips to make a solid base with what I have got. 


I have got: 57 - 400x400 size Pavers

Gravel of size 20mm approx

Sand - quarter qubic meter

We have clay soil in my back yard. 

One question, If I place 1cm x 1cm mesh at the bottom of the cage and put it on the dirt, is it okay or it will get rusty soon and wont be of any us?? I believe its a Galvanised one. 

Please help with fast and easy solutions. 

i am attaching photos for your easy understanding and getting best solution. 

Look forward for your kind replies,


Thank you,








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