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Grey And Violet At The Same Time

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I've heard it's possible to have the violet factor and the gray factor in a budgie, but I haven't seen any photo. 

These budgies take just one of the 2 factors in their color and we just know they had the other factor too when they have babies? Or we can see both factors (visually) in a budgie?? 

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I have a male that I suspect is a grey violet.  His father is a violet cobalt dom pied and his mother is a grey opaline.  So I plan to breed him next year and I will see what he throws.


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Last year I had a young male who was from a violet cobalt dom pied and a grey opaline.  So I just thought he was a cull and I was going to sell him.  The more I look at him, I thought he could be a grey violet.  I keep looking at the throat spots.  Instead of the dull grey it became more bluer.  So starting this season, I paired him with a lutino I have that carries the violet gene.  Last year she threw me the prettiest violet mauve.  So I am excited.  I will keep u posted.


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I want to show you a picture of my violet grey male.  You can tell that it is a violet when you look at his blue throat spots.  Greys tend to have greyish throat spots.  I am sorry that the light is not at it best.  I will try to send more pics.  I have him paired to a lutino that caries the violet gene.


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