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Hi there.

I stumbled upon this forum while looking up a question I had. 

I've had my first 2 budgies since October 2020. I re-homed a pair I found online. I wasn't sure if they were siblings or mates or both so I named them Zeus and Hera (little mythology joke there as they were lovers and siblings).

Then in January I re-homed a couple more from a local university's veterinarian school. 

About a week after that Hera laid her first egg. As of yesterday 3 are hatched. 

Below is Art this morning just before we did some training. 


Below is Art again, Demi (green) and Zeus (blue). Hera was busy being a single mom and missed out on the treats. :D


Anyways, thanks for reading and being a handy place to get some questions answered. 

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Adore the greek mythology theme, great to see that these angels are in kind hands now 😊

Mind giving an update on your little gods and godesses?


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