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Budgie Jumps On Hand And Bites/nibbles Constantly

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My female budgie jumps on my hand and then starts nibbling/bitting my hand constantly but she wants to stay on and I’m out side there cage so don’t think it’s a territorial thing I’m just not sure on what’s going on and she is also puffing up when doing so. I also have another budgie male. She is 3 months old and my male is 10 months. They get along okay. 

please watch video

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My female budgie used to do something similar after mating where she would chase us around and attack our hands, often trying to rub her bum, for days at a time. We noticed that her abdomen was a lot larger and got her diagnosed with fatty liver disease. After a diet change and medication she was back to being her regular, half-aggressive self.

I would recommend taking your budgie for a check up and an x-ray if possible just to see whether her liver may be enlarged. If you can't do that an easier option would be to offer fresh fruit and vegetables instead of seeds as well as a mixture of AVC (apple cide vinegar) and milk thistle. Natural remedies take a bit longer to kick in though.

Goodluck with your angels!~


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All budgies are unique so don't take my word for granted. It could just be the horomones kicking in although 3 months is a bit young.

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