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Female Budgie Mounting Male Budgie

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I am a beginner breeder trying to get my first batch of hatchlings. One pair of my budgies the female is mounting the male trying to mate. They show all signs of being a "couple" EXCEPT the male has shown NO desire to mount on the female.  But allows the female to mount him not protesting exchanging beaks kisses. She has been doing this everyday throughout the day for last two weeks.

Question:  Can my female budgie get egg fertilization by going at it mounting my male budgie?

It does look like she is going at it her being a little off centered hanging more side ways a little bit on his back and with male tail feathers out of way. But...I'm wanting to know if it's at all possible for fertilization for eggs in this manner. Since it's more a matter of their sex organs kissing and the male ejaculating into the female. 

Other sources I have tried to find out answer to this question do not address or answer this question at all. 

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