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Hyperactive And Over Sexed Male Budgie

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I have a blue male budgie purchased March 27, 2018 as a baby who is very tame, will come when called, allows touching and petting but will not sit on a shoulder or even sit still for more than seconds at a time. He never learned to talk, with extensive effort on my part. He will only sit on my finger while he is trying to have sex with me and will actually ejaculate on my hand if I let him. I have had many budgies over my lifetime and I've never seen one like this. Also, he constantly wants to sit on my head and won't take no for an answer but only stays for a few seconds and then leaves. He is quite a happy fellow otherwise and gets along well with the new grey baby boy. If anyone has any suggestions for calming him down, that would be great. I'm at a loss.                                                                                                                                                                       Sky as a baby.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_2a49.thumb.jpg.597e51e02f0597f291104f58bac43388.jpg

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My crazy blue boy is a bit sexually active too, constantly singing to and mating with anything reflective he can find yet still has time for cuddles. I guess all budgies are different in their own special way as my other male is a lot more well-behaved. I don't really have any tips expect to simply spend time with him and prevent him from doing it on anything. Good luck with your budgerigar adventure!

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