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A Lot Of Debating... What Gender Is It?

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I just got a Lutino (Hopefully to breed with my Albino Male) after a year old of course! Not anytime soon. But I walked out of the store thinking male. And now after asking on Facebook many seem to think it’s female! (Nose area: white ring at top then the base is blue/purple.) I believe it’s about to be as old as my Albino (6-8 weeks) My Albino about automatically started “Loving” on my Lutino(Itching, touching beaks, and a few other things.) i read where Male Lutinos are a bit more rare than the females. So fingers crossed a female. But I figured to get multi answers just in case. He/She might still be too young. And I’m still getting fairly new to mutation especially in Inos. Thank you for your input and feedback! 

picture of my Lutinos and Male Albino(Pink Nose area.)



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