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French Molt Contagious Or Not?

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Hello, I hope I have posted in the right forum. I am not much experiences in bird diseases.

My name is Ray and I have a 3 and half year old female budgie name Bella who has French molt. She is in quite a good shape and can fly. She had a sister but sadly she passed away 2 months ago.
I got a new baby boy (5 month old now) for her as a companion. I have had him for about 1 and half months now and he is in quarantine. And it just now occur to me that he could potentially get FM. I was in under a lot of stress with the loss of my bird and lost of my job due to Covid that I neglected this vital issue.

My main concern right now is that is FM contagious? Will he get it as well?

The new baby boy is a carrier of some of sort of Bacterial infections (waiting for the blood test result) which has made Bella sick. She now has respiratory infection.

When I took both of them to the vet, the doctor said to not mix them together and keep them separate forever as Bella has FM and he will get it as well.

This never occur to me and now I am completely divided as I have invested so much time and effort and money to him. He is now completely hand trained, recall trained and I have thought couple of tricks.

If it is contagious, I will want him to have the best of life and happiness and give him away but that breaks my heart. Bella is going to be alone for the rest of her life.

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