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Rodents In Aviary!

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Hi there! 

I have had budgies in my outdoor aviary for a few years, and they have always been happy healthy birds!

They are still happy, healthy birds, but I've recently had an issue with some rodents! The aviary is a converted cubby house, and two of the walls are made of wood. Rats have chewed through this wood, and enjoy snacking on my birds seed. 

I'm going to have my Nonno put some metal along the bottom (or perhaps replace the wood entirely), but in the time being, I am stuck with rats eating the seed. Is there any tips on how to get rid of these rats?

I'm worried about putting bait under the floor (as it's converted there's maybe 10 cm between the ground and the bottom of the aviary) as if the rats eat it and then go into the aviary they could contaminate the seed. There are also a lot of stray cats in my neighbourhood and hate to think that they have slow, painful deaths from eating those rats too.

I've also read about having a resident guinea pig?

Appreciate any suggestions!

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