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Hey, I'm a new budgie owner of 2, and I've had them for about 2 weeks. I have a blue one who's name is tofu and a green one who's name is olive(I think they're both male but I'm not sure). I've been trying to train my birds, and tofu is way more social than olive. olive often freaks out when people get too close to the cage. At the moment, tofu will sit on my hand, and olive is okay with just taking millet but not on my hand. My problem started yesterday when i was trying to feed olive and then tofu aggressively pecked at him. This caused olive to back off and not eat the millet. I tried again today and the same thing happened. I am really worried about his sudden aggression. What should I do.

PS sorry if this is rambly this is my first time posting on a forum 

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It isn't a big deal. They will be fine. One of your budgies is feeling possesive of you. Even bonded pairs do this at times. Just keep trying. Talk to them and if need be use both of your hands for feeding budgies. Keep Tofu distracted with the other hand so that Olive will get used to you

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