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Hey everyone, 

I really need your help!

Our budgie Chewie isn't well :( 

We've had him around 2 years, he's fairly young. He has only recently been showing bad signs.

The first thing we noticed was he was itching the feathers around his vent a lot. He always had a clean butt with white feathers. Now, possibly because of the itching, he has a bold area around his vent. Also there are lots of feathers at the bottom of his cage but he may be moulting we're not sure.

He began making small squeaking noises sometimes when he was going to the toilet and his poop has been varied with some being runny and some stiff. But nowadays he has poo stuck to his buff feathers when, as stated, his butt was clean before. He also now his perches have poop on when they never did before.

He has still been eating plenty and regularly but he has been regurgitating / vomiting up gunk and seed. 

Lastly, we've noticed that his behaviour has changed. He does not come up to the edge of the cage to see us anymore. He is generally less energetic. 

We were recommended online to give him probiotics which weve been adding them to his water.

Has anyone got any more advice?

Does anyone know what might be wrong with Chewie?



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