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((Sorry if this is in the wrong place!))

Reacently my female budgie laid and hatched an egg. This is the first fertile egg she has laid. All has been good, she has been feeding, but I'm in week 2/3 now and the baby is no longer in the nesting box (nesting box is on the floor, I'm keeping the floor clean) I have taken the nesting box out now to stop them from breeding again. Though I have noticed the mother is attacking the baby, I have been doing lots of research and can't really find an answer. I'm thinking about moving the baby into it's own cage and hand feedidng it until it can eat on it's own. It cannot fly yet, so I'm not sure if it will be okay sleeping on the floor of the cage until it can. I have also ordered some hand feeding formula which is to arrive in about a week, which is too slow. I read human baby food is a good substitute until I get the normal formula. I am unsure of the correct approach to this, I am fully aware of the time I will have to dedicate to feeding the baby. I haven't seen the father help out so this is why I want to seperate them. The parents are not tamed and I try not to intervine, but I don't want the baby to not be fed and die. Any help would be appreicated :)

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