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Eggs Not Hatching For The Second Time In A Row

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Hi all,

I have a pair of budgies and they look healthy. Two months back the hen laid 4 eggs(irregular sequence, two eggs in two days and for a week it didn't lay and eggs and then laid two eggs in three days). None of them hatched and I removed the eggs after 25 days due of the last egg. 

After one month from that, now it has laid 8 eggs, each in two days(from April 04 to April 18). They mated before laying each egg. The hen always incubating the eggs from day 1. Now that it has past 21 days for the first egg and it didn't hatch yet. It makes me worry. At least two eggs should have been hatched by this time but none hatched. 

I really feel bad for my budgies. I didn't egg candled since I didn't want to disturb my budgies. I had placed some cuttle bones at the time of laying too. 

Any advice would be much appreciated. :(


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