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Need Assistance - Health Related 10yo Male

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Hello!  I have a 10 year old male parakeet that is showing signs of illness.  He is eating and drinking more than normal and he appears to have a mass/growth on his belly as the feathers near his vent are starting to part considerably.  He is also showing mild signs of breathing heavy, not in the tail bobbing way though.   I was told on another forum, acutally a FB group, that his poop wasn't normal, he has a natural pellet only diet.  So I was told to give him Braggs ACV for five days with a 1mL to 100mL ratio (he's on his third day).  Based on the research I've done, I have come to the conclusion that he either has a tumor or a liver disorder (hoping its the latter and I bought Lily of the Desert Aloe Detox 80, arriving Friday).  I live in a very rural area and have no access to an avain vet so trying to work this out on my own with natural remedies.  I've also been administrating small quantities of milk thistle and dandelion root sprinkled on his food.  Can anyone please confirm my suspicions and any tips (short of taking him to a vet which I am unable) would be greatly appreciated.  He's still somewhat vocal and playing a bit but you can tell whatever is wrong with him is affecting his mood and usual spunky personality. Thanks so much!




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