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Hi my budgie had her wings clipped yesterday.  I also bought her a bigger square cage, put a couple of her fav toys in but also added some new toys

she seems not herself today and ive noticed her poop is a bit watery.  I saw her eating some millet this morning but she hasnt been stuck into her seed, water and dry food like she normally is.  The watery poop concerned me.  Is that from the stress of having wings clipped?  She wasnt too thrilled being taken out of cage yesterday and was biting the man when he took her out.  She isnt tame yet but has never attempted to bite me.  Is this behaviour/poop normal after having wings clipped?  I feel really bad now that ive upset her little world.  

ive just now half covered her cage and im playing budgie sounds on youtube.  Hoping this helps how she is feeling 

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