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Baby Budgies Flattened?

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I’m a budgie breeder, and I own 6 budgies of my own.  Not too long ago, I bred one of my pairs of budgies. The female had laid eggs successfully, and she was fine. But then, I checked after a long long time (when she left the box) and I noticed that the baby Budgie was flattened, squashed to the nest box floor. I am so confused. Recently, my female tried again. She done the laying successfully and spent all her time in the box with her eggs. One egg hatched well, and I checked today, and well- it seems that baby Budgie is flattened and squashed to the nest box floor too! She isn’t a first time mother, and I am severely confused! I expect the baby to be dead, and I am really saddened by that.


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