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How To Stop Irresponsible And Dangerous Breeding?!?

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I have a friend who recently got budgies. I have owned budgies for 4 years and understand how to properly care for them, but he doesn’t. I tried my best to explain to him how to, but one of his budgies died only after 1 month! He randomly says he is going to breed the other budgie, which is a male. He says “he knows all about breeding budgies from YouTube”  😳 I am so concerned for the budgie which is not even 1 year old yet, and could possibly have an illness as well. He also has NEVER owned birds before and he isn’t at home half of the time. His cage setup is terrible and he believes that breeding budgies is “easy and not stressful” I have never bred budgies before, so what should I tell him to convince him not to breed??

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