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Dear Forum Members, 

I'm hoping someone may be able to assist me.  My budgie has blood on the top of his head, which I have a suspicion may be because of mites.  I have been applying some Anti-Parasite (Ivermectine 10ug)drops behind his head in the past which has seemed to work, except this time it doesn't.   I thoroughly clean his cage every week so I'm a little sceptical it is mites, however I read these drops treat a number of different mite and worm problems so I use them.  I only have one single budgie.  

He's not his usual active self, doesn't fly well, pants for breath, and looks "old".  He is around 10 years old, so he is I guess an old age pensioner as budgies go, though I need my little mate around as long as I can have him.  Does anyone have any tips on what I could do? 

regards, Peter





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