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Birth Defect Eye Bothering My Budgie

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I’ve had my budgie about 13 months now. When I bought him he had an eye much smaller that the other and it seems to bother him. I took him to an avian vet who gave him a full checkup and said he was healthy and unless we wanted surgery (not recommended) then we just had to watch him. His weight has been consistent at 35g give or take 1g and he seems happy enough. Except he often scratches around this eye and removes a few feathers that sort of then Matt together over his eye. Any ideas what I may be able to do to help. Zinc cream? Sudoceam? I haven’t touched it for months but he doesn’t seem to leave it alone. 



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Sorry had trouble editing. Photos it put on if a blue bird are not mine. Here is photos it sparkes


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